Scouts, Guides and NCC




April -  2016

Registration and preparation of list (scouts and Guides, Cub and Bulbul) Preparation for RajyaPuraskar and Prime Ministers shield.

May – June - 2016

Tritiyasopan proficiencyBadge:Community Worker.


July  – 2016

Preparation of scouts and Guides for TritiyaSopan testing camp which will be held in July.

Aug – 2016

Plantation of trees in the vidyalaya premises.

Dwitiyasopan proficiency Badge.

  1. cook


Sep. – 2016

ProficiencyBadge: Pioneering.


Oct. – 2016

12 km cycle Hike will be conducted in the month of October.


Nov. 2016

5 km. soft trekking will be conducted. proficiency Badge   : Nutrition educator

RashtrapatiPuraskar Proficiency Badge:

  1. Community Developing Program.


Dec. – 2016

Tritiyasopan Proficiency Badge:

  1. Hike
  2. Ecologist.

Jan. – 2017

proficiency Badge  : Citizen, RashtrapatiPuraskarproficiency Badge : Teaching Games


Feb. – 2017

One night camp will be conducted. Thinking day celebration will be conducted.

Proficiency Badge: Camper.


COH meeting will be conducted on every 3rd Saturday

All the activity regarding proficiency badges will be conducted during the session 2016-17 and will be mentioned in the log book.