Places for study tours

 Places/institutions available within 100Kms. For study tours with brief descriptions:

Ramtek has a number of picturesque 600 year old temples surmounting the Hill of Rama. It is also famous as the place where the Sanskrit poet Kalidasa composed his epic "Meghdoot". The old British cantonment of Kemptee is nearby and a memorial to the dramatist Kalidasa is just along the road from the MTDC which has a spectacular view of this town. The main attractions here are the Ram temple which is more than 600 years old, as well as the Jain temple which has some beautiful carvings and sculpture.
Pench National Park
70 km from Nagpur. This park shares its jungle sprawl with adjoining Madhya Pradesh. It is built around the Pench Irrigation project.
Tadoba National Park
It is approx 100 Kms south of Nagpur and 45 km north of  the nearest town Tadoba.  Minibuses are available for viewing. This has 120 sq km area of rich deciduous forest of teak, bamboo, gardenia, satinwood, mahua and jamun. November to June is the best season for a visit. The wild life consists of several troops of langur monkeys, chital, bison, sambar, palm civets, gaur, jackal and wild boar. The lake at this park has Water birds including cattle egrets, purple moorhens and jacanas. A number of marsh crocodiles are also found in this lake.
Mahatma Gandhi established his Sevagram Ashram in 1933, where he spent 15 years. It is believed that this place had the honour of being the headquarters of the social service programmes that Gandhiji conducted. It gets its name thus.Accomodation is available at Yatri Niwas, MTDC and also has a beautiful resort at Wardha.
Khekranala is where a beautiful dam is located. It is situated in the Khapra range forest. The land displays a fine harmony of lush greenery and fascinating surroundings along with healthy environment. Dense foliage blankets the water reservoir. Khekranala is situated at a distance of 55 kms from the main city of Nagpur. 
The Ambazari Lake, Nagpur

The Ambazari Lake, Nagpur is one of the main attractions for the tourists who come to visit Nagpur on a leisure tour. The Ambazari Lake of Nagpur is located at a distance of 6 km towards the west of the city. The people who visit this place of Nagpur can take part in a variety of fun activities like boating and riding in the toy train. One of the most preferred games of the place is the Swinging Columbus Boat.

Maharaj Baug and Zoo, Nagpur

The Maharaj Baug and Zoo, Nagpur is one of the most popular places among the people who travel to this city of Maharashtra on a vacation. As the name suggests, the Maharaj Baug and Zoo in Nagpur, is an amalgamation of a garden and a zoo.

However, this historical garden has been now transformed into a botanical garden. There is a zoo within the premises of the Maharaj Baug, which adds to the attraction of the place.
Sitabuldi Fort, Nagpur
There is a memorial that is located inside the fort, which is meant to commemorate the dedication of the soldiers who lost their lives during the well-known war between the British and the Marathas.